Online Poker in Pennsylvania

The Keystone State

Regulated Online Poker Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has United States second largest gaming market. In December 2013 they passed a resolution that calls for the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to study how profitable online gaming would be for the state. This study “found that Internet Gaming is a large new source of revenue that the Commonwealth could explore”. State Senator Edwin Erickson has been encouraged by this and recently announced plans to introduce an online poker bill.

This bill will include a “bad actor” clause that shuts out poker sites that violated the UIGEA. A question that seems to be open for discussion is whether this clause also prohibits bad actors from providing software to online poker operators or not. This bill would only allow online poker, but not casino games.

The Pennsylvania Senate seems to be behind this legislation, while the House isn’t sharing the enthusiasm. Obviously it isn't easy to answer when you’ll be able to play regulated online poker in Pennsylvania. One thing’s for sure though, the Keystone state has gotten quite far in their regulation process.

Online Poker Status
    Regulated online poker is under consideration in this state
Population 21 or older 9 Million
Proportion of total US population 4.21%
Live Poker Yes
Estimated year for online regulation 2017
Probability - Interstate agreement 40%

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