Monthly Archives: October 2015

Enter Legal New York Poker, Exit the Underground Scene

New York City has one of the most-famous underground poker scenes in the world. And this is largely thanks to “Rounders,” which centered on Mike McDermott’s (Matt Damon) quest to succeed in New York’s underground poker world. But is it finally time for this romanticized, and sometimes dangerous, vision of New York poker to exit […]

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New York Assemblyman hates RAWA – Let States decide on iPoker

New York Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow is one of the biggest proponents of online poker in the state. After introducing a bill to legalize the game in 2014, he’s continued to show support for iPoker as discussions get more serious. So it’s little surprise to find out that he can’t stand the Restoration of America’s […]

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66% of Californians want Legal Online Poker, according to Survey

  Various online poker interests in California have been unable to agree on who gets into the market. But while these sides struggle with the plan, it’s pretty clear that the majority of Californians would welcome iPoker into the state. This much is confirmed by a recent survey by the National Research Institute (via All-In […]

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