Free Poker Training with PokerUS and DragTheBar!

Starting from scratch, or simply polishing up on those honed poker skills? Whatever your level, every player can benefit from some training. Whether it’s perfecting your poker strategy, or taking a complete crash course in all the basics, poker training comes with a big price tag… that is of course unless you’re a PokerUS player!

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This offer is available to all new PokerUS players, and you can get 3 weeks of free training without even having to rake anything! After that, make the $100 (or equivalent points) monthly rake requirement, and you’ll get free DragTheBar poker training for the whole of the next month! If you meet the requirements every single month, then you’ll get continuous free access to this amazing poker training.

Why choose DragTheBar?

Get the best online poker training with DragTheBar – with incredible resources covering all things poker and more from Backgammon to No Limit Hold’em, DTB are the obvious choice for any poker player. Check out just some of the perks…

  • Access to the advice and expertise of over 30 professional poker coaches
  • A library of over 1,000 poker videos, all ipod/iPhone compatible!
  • Videos covering Sit ‘n’ Go’s, Limit Hold ‘em, Multi Table Tourneys, No Limit Hold ’em, and Backgammon.
  • Over 40 new videos uploaded each month!